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Is that you daddy?

Slim and smooth with a hot shaved head, this twink has a filthy look about it, and it’s not just because he laying on his bed with a blindfold on – although that definitely helps. Bulging from his striped trunks, it’s no surprised that big dicked daddy Dave London is quickly on the scene to take advantage of the horny sight before his eyes.


Dave's Amateurs - Dan

Horny Daddy Dave London continues his quest to get as many boys and men on his couch as possible. Sexy young Irish boy Dan is next to enter the casting couch under the control of sexy daddy Dave London!


Dave's Amateurs - Johny

Tall toned stud Johny sits himself down on the casting couch, Dave is quick to get the ball rolling! Getting the muscular man topless, untying his trainers, pulling his socks off, the tanned daddy can’t wait to rub his hands over the smooth body.


Dave's Amateurs - Kristian

Starting the show with blond 18 year old dance student Kristian, he’s one lithe youngster from the big city, and has the whole package – definitely Dave’s type, and definitely ours too!


Come Sit on Daddy

Daddy Dave London really can't wait to get his hands, and more, on the cute twink that walks in mid interview.


Bare Back Me Daddy

Meeting cute young Russian twink Dmitry Osten in his interview sets us up perfectly for wanting to see him strip off butt naked and get pounded by the very horny, very up for it daddy Dave London


Raw Daddy Dick

Cute young scally boy Ross Drake has a craving for daddy dick, and handsome Londoner Dave is just the ticket


Open Door - Round Four

As Matt unloads over Dmitry’s hole, Dave takes over and pushes the man’s cum into Dmitry with his own dick. Sweating hard as he nears orgasm, Dave squirts a thick load up Dmitry’s back.


Sergeant Daddy - Full Inspection

Chilling on his bunk, tattooed Charley is playing deep inside his standard issue shorts at just the wrong time. Calling for inspection, Sergeant Dave strides in and catches the boy in the act.


Scored - Pushed Hard

Head coach Dave likes to push his boys hard, and it’s now the turn of his best player Korar to have some extra time on the pitch with him.


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